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Phil Van Duyne

Davidson-Knowledge Adventure

Davidson and Associates, (which later became Knowledge Adventure), needed a top developer to create consumer quality educational, productivity and game products for both their consumer and school lines. Van Duyne Engineering created some of the most popular children's products of all time, and kept making them for 10 years.

"VE came through time and time again, year after year with top notch product. Look at JumpStart Typing, 7 years old and it measures up to any product made right now. VE is by far the best solution in town.", Mike Albanese, Director of 3rd Party Development, Knowledge Adventure*

Some of the products developed:

JumpStart Typing - Top selling childrens typing instruction. Part of the well known JumpStart series.

Money Town - Teaches children ages 5-9 basic money and math skills. 5-star Rating. - PC Games, Critic's choice Award - Family Life

Eat My Dust - Zany animated 3D road racing game featuring head to head play over the internet. Published by Sierra On-Line, EMD was the 10th most downloaded piece of software, and the second most downloaded game, from shareware.com the week of 2-10-1997.

The Perfect Resume - Creates resumes from templates and wizards. 1995 Editor's Choice Award - HomePC Magazine

Typing Tutor 10 - Top selling typing instruction for adults. See www.typingtutor.com

Educast - Based on the After Dark Online engine, this interactive screensaver 'pushs' news and educational resources to teachers.

The Cruncher 2.0 - Children's spreadsheet education. Much of the functionality of Excel embedded into tutorials and projects along with a fully functional spreadsheet application with charts, graphs, and many other features. A one of a kind product.

Word Blaster - helps build vocabulary and pronunciation skills with five fun and exciting activities. Part of the best selling Math Blaster series.

Visit Knowledge Adventure.
Download the Eat my Dust Demo. (Win 95-98 only)
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Craniamania, an internet startup, needed a full technology team to build their award winning educational game website, run their office IT and maintain enough hardware for 1,000,000 gamers to play! Van Duyne Engineering was their solution.

Testimonial: [insert photo here]
"Working with VE was " Roz Emmett, Vice President of Development and co founder, Craniamania, Inc.

• Driven by a VE administered mysql database backend.
• VE created programming to register users, track user action, track scoring, score time, and score history.
• Featured a real-time scoreboard showing scores sortable by a wide criteria.
• Boasted a feature packed admin system, with full reporting features and complete website generation via schedules and other real-time data.
• Interfaced with a targeted ad serving solution.
• Handled over 75,000 users a day taking an average of 20 quizzes.
• Included strong customer relation email systems, including targeted mass opt-in email including subscribing unsubscribing and bouncing.
• Interfaced with a secure credit card authorization system, allowing users to purchase various types of premium content.
• VE created both a Java version and a Flash version of the quiz engine, complete with timers, scoring, and template driven layouts to best utilize screen space.
• The quiz engine handles multiple question formats including complex statistical questions and flashcard based vocabulary questions.
• The quiz engine allows for a unique random generation of the screen display to make questions look unfamiliar.

Play the Quiz Demo

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