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Phil Van Duyne
Math Blaster: Master the Basics
For over 20 years, millions of parents, teachers and kids have trusted Math Blaster as an award-winning educational resource with proven results. Math Blaster: Master the Basics is the latest offering in this best selling line of educational software. Van Duyne Engineering did the game programming.

Read some reviews of Math Blaster:
Northwest Arkansas News

More info at MathBlaster.com

Typing Tutor Platinum and Typing Tutor 10 are versions 9 and 10 of one of the top selling typing programs of all time. Van Duyne Engineering did the programming.

Purchase Typing Tutor 10 at Amazon.
Read what people are saying about Typing Tutor at Amazon
More info at Typingtutor.com

Our java based streaming video compressor and player which became Radicalmail. Allows streaming video inside an email.

Sony Playstation Demo
Grammy Nominee Demo

Jumpstart Typing
JumpStart Typing helps teach typing with five fun and exciting activities. Top Selling for 6 years. Van Duyne Engineering provided all programing, graphics, and sound.

Purchase Jumpstart Typing at Amazon.
Read a review. More info at Knowledge Adventure

Peter and the Wolf
WE ARE VERY SORRY, BUT THIS PRODUCT IS NO LONGER FOR SALE ANYWHERE. Published by Time Warner Interactive. The timeless tale of Peter and the Wolf is brought to sparkling life through the unique brilliance and wit of animation legend Chuck Jones and conductor/director George Daugherty. Starring the voices of Kirstie Alley, Lloyd Bridges and Ross Malinger as Peter, this colorful interpretation of Sergei Prokofiev's classic is an engaging introduction to the magical world of music. Van Duyne Engineering provided the art production and programming for the arcade game, post art production for the animated tale, and programming of a unique cross platform digital animation format. (Windows/Mac/SGI/DOS/Sega).
Check out some screen shots

Automatic Lip Synchronization
Our automatic lip synching system creates animations automatically. Head, eyes, arms, and legs automatically animate as well as lips. Outputs flash and java. Try some demos:
Baby Salesman Demo
Gameshow Host Demo

Eat My Dust
This is 3-D road racing like you've never experienced! Crazy cars, outlandish characters, totally warped driving conditions, and low-down, dirty tricks are the rules of the road. So gear up and get ready to outsmart your opponent in a mind-blowing, adrenaline-pumping road race.Van Duyne Engineering did all of the programming and most of the graphics and sound.

Download the demo. (Includes 1 track and 1 car, single player mode)
Check out some screen shots

Money Town
5-star Rating. -- PC Games
Critic's choice Award -- Family Life

Designed for kids ages 5 to 9, Money TownT is a multimedia adventure that teaches your child all the basics about dollars and cents. As kids help Greenstreet's coolest characters earn money to reopen their town park, they'll click-and-discover a merry world full of animated money facts, figures, songs and surprises. Based on "The Kids Money Book", by Neale Godfrey. Van Duyne Engineering provided all programing, graphics, and sound.

Purchase At Geodonka
Read a review.
Take a look at some screen shots

Space Blast 3D
Space Blast 3D released in Dec 1996, is our free video game that runs on any computer with a JavaT compatible web browser. Imagine, web pages with fun interactive arcade style game(s) to entice users! A game that isn't a generic clone. A game that projects the web page's message and personality, and the web designer's creativity. All the graphics, sound and text in Space Blast 3D are completely scriptable. Web designers can add a fun fast-paced arcade game to a web page and really attract users (and keep them there!). All forms of advertising possibilities are right in the context of a fun game.

Lets Play! (game will pop open in a new browser window)
New!! Shockwave version! Lets Play! (game will pop open in a new browser window)

The Perfect Resume
1995 Editor's Choice Award - HomePC Magazine

The Perfect Resume is a personal productivity tool for creating resumes and business letters featuring a contact database and video tips from resume expert Tom Jackson.
1995 Editor's Choice Award - HomePC Magazine

Read a review. View a screen shot

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